Our strategy

Unique and flexible approach

Our strategies adapt to the needs of artists and therefore each campaign differs from the others.

Our team has experience in working with both independent artists who are just starting to launch their new singles and with the top-notch of the Industry artists with millions of streams.


We want our clients to be able to observe and see the results we bring. Our platform allows users to monitor their performance and observe first-hand how our work is impacting their success.


We believe our client’s trust to be the key to a long-lasting partnership. We carefully craft strategies for each individual song to ensure a genuine and organic performance.


Data is at the centre of every decision we make. It is crucial to create an impact, thus minimising the risks and maximising the outcome.


Spotify Promotion

On Spotify we can reach millions of potential listeners across a wide variety of music genres. Thanks to our unique data-analysis process we can understand and target a very specific audience which is already interested in similar and related tracks to yours. We offer tailor-made campaigns which are very effective at increasing the artist to listener engagement rate and retention of listeners in the long term.

Youtube Promotion

Thanks to the data collected by our technology, the Music Analyst team is able to deeply analyze the musical content of the video-clips, and the current and past performances of the artistic profile, thus identifying the most suitable channels to target.

Our partners

We partner up with the most influential music-related channels in the world, giving us the strength to expose your music video to millions of targeted viewers, in order to bring you concrete results in terms of user engagement.

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