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Empowering artists and labels through technology and data analysis.

Our team of Music & Tech experts will guide you through today's crowded marketplace to create opportunities, generate organic growth and build a dedicated fan-base on major streaming platforms, all of which you can monitor through our proprietary data aggregation dashboards.

We strongly believe data analysis is a key factor for implementing successful decision-making strategies in the music industry as well.

We developed a platform to identify and analyse critical information about artists’ performances and listeners’ behaviour, from which we can craft the best growth strategies for any track.


Our work in Numbers

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Our Platform

The Ampligo platform serves to simplify and accelerate the initiation of a promotion process, while also offering the necessary transparency to Artists, Labels and Managements. This is done by presenting real-time KPIs that allow our clients to track the progress of their campaigns.


What people say about us

We have worked with countless Artists, Labels and Music Managements. Here is what they say about us

Of all services I’ve worked with in the past, Ampligo has the best value, support, quality and transparency out there. No-one else has even come close! I hope to be working with them for years to come.

EVP of Digital at Hipgnosis Song Fund

Ampligo with their innovative data-driven approach, helped us launch a new project, making it reach more than a million streams in less than 60 days and generating an excellent listener engagement rate. Their platform made it very easy to track the campaign progress on a daily basis.

Ceo at Music at Work

We have been using the Ampligo services for over a year now and have been very pleased with the results, accuracy and reporting that Andrea and his team have created. The tool is easy to use and works very well for a variety of electronic and pop music. Their network is quite broad and global and is a great additional service to use alongside your regular marketing and promotion plans.

Thanks to Ampligo that worked on my first two songs, I was able to create a solid structure for my profile and to enter some editorial playlists.


Ampligo has been an immense help for growing my fanbase and brand awareness. I've gained new listeners who are becoming true fans and not just another stream count on one particular song. Thanks to Ampligo, more people are listening to my music and discovering it in different ways. Ampligo is connecting the right fans to the right songs.

Rotbaum Records

There is a strong and trustful relationship between my record label Rotbaum Records and Ampligo. We’ve had many successful campaigns over the years that helped our music reach a wide targeted audience, growing our numbers organically.

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