Make the music, we'll find the audience.
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The Music Industry is our universe. Let us guide you through it.

Don't get pulled into the black holes of the Music Industry. We will help you navigate new horizons of growth and guide you through leaving a lasting mark.

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We’re on Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok and are quickly expanding to new planets.

We deliver your Music to targeted potential listeners on the most popular DSPs in order to increase Audience Engagement. Our aim is to make your Music travel widely and safely.

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Our spaceship is powered by Data.

Data-analysis is key to our decision-making. We rely on custom KPI’s to identify patterns in your Music’s performance. This allows us to craft balanced strategies to maximize its growth.

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Barret Crake

What our Clients think about us

"Of all services I’ve worked with in the past, Ampligo has the best value,[…] No-one else has even come close! I hope to be working with them for years to come."
Barret Crake
"Ampligo with their innovative data-driven approach, helped us launch a new project, making it reach more than a million streams […] Their platform made it very easy to track the campaign progress on a daily basis."
Tony Barnes
EVP Digital & Innovation, Hipgnosis Songs Fund
"Ampligo has been an immense help for growing my fanbase and brand awareness. I've gained new listeners who are becoming true fans […] Ampligo is connecting the right fans to the right songs."