Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Process

What if my song gets rejected?

Some songs or genres may prove more challenging due to several factors.

The quality of production and the adequacy to our network are definitely crucial. As such, we may decline submissions that, based on performance and musical analysis, do not show potential for a reasonable growth. We only commit to campaigns when we are sure to benefit the artist's profile.

Don’t worry though, our decisions do not necessarily reflect the quality of the song itself. It’s simply not right for us at that time.

Can I submit more than one song for consideration?

Absolutely, our team of Music Analysts is ready to receive your submissions and lead you to the best solution for promoting your tracks. However, sometimes it is not possible to promote tracks from the same artist/album at the same time. In these cases, you will be guided by our team's expertise toward a strategy that will enhance the tracks with the most potential for growth.

What do I need to submit a track?

All you need to submit a song is a Spotify or YouTube link. Our platform will guide you through the submission process and automatically retrieve the track’s Audio Features or provide a preview of your video clip that will allow our Music Analyst team to conduct an in-depth analysis.

Can I submit a track that has not yet been released?

Sure, you just need a URL (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or SoundCloud). In this case, you will be asked for additional information such as the release date so that our Music Analyst team can structure the campaign strategy to its best advantage.

How long does it take to receive a campaign proposal?

Our team of Music Analysts analyses and considers every single submission received and will respond to you within a maximum of 72 working hours. Sometimes, due to seasonality and high submission traffic or the need to conduct more in-depth analyses, the time taken may be longer. In this case you will be notified in advance by the Music Analyst who has taken care of your submission.


How can I pay for the service?

The following options are available for paying directly through the platform: Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.
If you are unable to pay through either of these methods, please contact our team at for assistance.

Is it possible to create bundle deals?

For larger volume and frequent orders, we offer bundle deals. If you are interested in this option, please feel free to contact one of our Music Analysts at Our team will take charge of your needs and propose the best possible solution. If necessary, we will be available to organise a meeting and discuss the details of the bundle.

Why do I have to indicate a budget?

Our services are not free. The indicated budget will help our Music Analyst team optimise the campaign structure and maximise results.

Our Service

How can I check the actual impact of your service?

Our platform contains an interactive dashboard with powerful metrics created by us to help you monitor campaigns performance transparently. Upon request, we can also provide more detailed reports so that you have a complete picture of what is happening behind the scenes.

Our Campaigns

What are the activation times for the campaigns?

Campaign activation typically takes place within 24 to 72 hours, and you will be notified when it is initiated. If we have previously agreed to expedite the campaign, we will begin work as soon as payment is received.

Please note that some campaigns may be subject to factors such as seasonality(e.g. Christmas), workload, and other variables, which may impact the start date.

Is it possible to start a promotional campaign on the day of the release?

We will be happy to assist with your campaign launch on the release day, but we do require a release date and an agreed campaign size in advance to properly coordinate with our partners and prepare for the launch.

How do you ensure that your service is 100% organic?

We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and security of our networks, and we use the data we collect to identify and prevent any inorganic activity. We also partner with trusted companies that share our values and commitment to quality.

How long will the campaign last?

The duration of a campaign can vary depending on the size and specific requirements of the client. Our smaller campaigns typically last a few weeks, while larger campaigns may extend for several months or even quarters.

Do you somehow guarantee specific placements?

We cannot and do not guarantee specific placements. Our internal analyses are used to identify our most suitable partners, but the final decision to accept a song is always at their discretion and we do not force or influence their decisions in any way.

What happens if the campaign time estimate is not respected?

As our audiences are made up of real people with diverse listening habits and behaviors, it is not possible for us to predict or control exactly when a track will reach the target performance level. However, we can provide an estimate based on our past experience and data collection. Please keep in mind that this is simply an estimate and not a guarantee.

Fuel, Revive, Kickstart - what strategies do you adopt in your campaigns?

Thanks to our tailor-made approach, our campaigns adapt to all phases of a song's promotion.

Fuel is useful when the song already has good organic activity but deserves to reach a wider audience and more solid performance.

Revive is the approach used to bring back catalogue tracks or tracks that are experiencing negative growth trends but still have a lot to say.

Kickstart is the right campaign to maximise the growth of the track from the day of release and into its first weeks on the market.

What are Audio Features?

Spotify uses advanced audio analysis to categorize each song’s characteristic based on its Audio Features. In order to effectively match the song with the most suitable audience, it is important to take these values into account.

These Audio Features are then sourced, converted into percentages and displayed by us.