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Submission process FAQ

What if my song gets rejected?
Can I submit more than one song for consideration?
What do I need to submit a track ?
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Pricing FAQ

Is there a standardised pricing package?
How can I pay for the service ?
What payment methods do you accept ?
Is it possible to create bundle deals ?
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Our service FAQ

What is the long-term gain by working at Ampligo ?
Who is your team composed of ?
How can I check the annual impact of your service ?
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Our campaigns FAQ

What are the activation times for the campaigns ?
Is it possible to start a promotional campaign on the day of the release ?
What is meant by Minimum Guaranteed Performance ?
How do you guarantee a 100% organic service ?
How long will the campaign last?
What methods do you use to promote my track ?
When you say trusted partners, who are they ?
Do you somehow guarantee placements in specific playlists ?
What happens if the campaign time estimate is not respected ?
What if I received an email from the platform saying that the campaign is completed when the track still hasn't reached the minimum guaranteed performance ?
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