Change the way you jump-start your music career!

We help artists reach their ideal audience worldwide.

Our team of Music & Tech experts will guide you through today's crowded marketplace to create opportunities, generate organic growth and build a dedicated fan-base on major streaming platforms, all of which you can monitor through our proprietary data aggregation dashboards.

We strongly believe data analysis is a key factor for implementing successful decision-making strategies in the music industry as well.

We developed a platform to identify and analyse critical information about artists’ performances and listeners’ behaviour, from which we can craft the best growth strategies for any track.

Our platform is coming soon !

Contact us if you want to start expanding your audience with ampligo.


What people say about us

Ampligo changed the game for our clients’ new releases! We noticed not only streaming performance increasing, but an overall uptick in fan interaction, followers, and growth in new listeners. Ampligo helped us understand the right  audiences for our clients’ music by targeting compatible playlists based on listeners’ habits, taste and location. Great customer care and professionalism as well! 


Ampligo has been an immense help for growing my fanbase and brand awareness. I've gained new listeners who are becoming true fans and not just another stream count on one particular song. Thanks to Ampligo, more people are listening to my music and discovering it in different ways. Ampligo is connecting the right fans to the right songs.

Ceo at Artist Meet Exposure

We've worked with Ampligo for over two years and they are absolutely the best in the business! They are always on time and completely transparent about everything. They make music promotion simple, but at the same time more effective than any other platform.


Ampligo’s Team helped me achieve incredible results with my music such as 1.000.000+ streams and entering the Spotify Viral Top 50 chart in Spain. What I really like about this company is that after months since we’ve worked together, my songs are still growing smoothly and I have a solid fan-base which supports me on the new releases. Would definitely recommend it !!!


With incredible knowledge in both the music industry and new innovative technologies, Ampligo’s team helped me not just grow my artist profile but as well understand how today’s DPS work, raising my awareness and understanding on how to make the next moves in my music career!

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