Our values

Here at Ampligo, we believe in


We want our clients to be able to observe and see the results we bring. Our platform allows users to monitor their performance and observe first-hand how our work is impacting their success.


We believe our client’s trust to be the key to a long-lasting partnership. We carefully craft strategies for each individual song to ensure a genuine and organic performance.


Data is at the centre of every decision we make. It is crucial to create an impact, thus minimising the risks and maximising the outcome.


Our team is made up of qualified, trained professionals in the fields of Music Business, Technology, and Innovation, all sharing the same passion: Music

Meet the team

Team members

Filippos Papapolyzos
Music Scientist & Product Owner
Andrea Malenchini
Founder & CEO
Stefano Marchetti
Music Analyst
Emanuele Li Calzi
Music Analyst
Giovanni Cassanelli
Full-Stack Developer
Aaron Cesaro
Managing Director

For any general information regarding our processes or the company please contact: info@ampligo.io

For any technical issues with the platform please contact: filippos.papapolyzos@ampligo.io

For any business inquiries please contact: nikolaos.tsivdaris@ampligo.io

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