Our values

Here at ampligo, we believe in


We want our clients to be able to observe and see the results we bring. Our platform allows users to monitor their performance and observe first-hand how our work is impacting their success.


We believe our client’s trust to be the key to a long-lasting partnership. We carefully craft strategies for each individual song to ensure a genuine and organic performance.


Data is at the centre of every decision we make. It is crucial to create an impact, thus minimising the risks and maximising the outcome.

Our team is made up of qualified, trained professionals in the fields of Music Business, Technology & Innovation, all sharing the same passion: Music!

Meet the team

Team members

Andrea Malenchini
Andrea Malenchini
Founder & CEO
Alessandro Cammarata
Alessandro Cammarata
Product & Operations
Emanuele Li Calzi
Emanuele Li Calzi
Music Analyst
Aaron Cesaro
Aaron Cesaro
Software Development
Giovanni Cassanelli
Giovanni Cassanelli
Software development

For any general information regarding our processes or the company please contact: info@ampligo.io

For any technical issues with the platform please contact: alessandro@ampligo.io

For any business inquiries please contact: nikolaos.tsivdaris@ampligo.io

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Submission process FAQ

What if my song gets rejected?
Can I submit more than one song for consideration?
What do I need to submit a track ?
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Pricing FAQ

Is there a standardised pricing package?
How can I pay for the service ?
What payment methods do you accept ?
Is it possible to create bundle deals ?
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Our service FAQ

What is the long-term gain by working at Ampligo ?
Who is your team composed of ?
How can I check the annual impact of your service ?
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Our campaigns FAQ

What are the activation times for the campaigns ?
Is it possible to start a promotional campaign on the day of the release ?
What is meant by Minimum Guaranteed Performance ?
How do you guarantee a 100% organic service ?
How long will the campaign last?
What methods do you use to promote my track ?
When you say trusted partners, who are they ?
Do you somehow guarantee placements in specific playlists ?
What happens if the campaign time estimate is not respected ?
What if I received an email from the platform saying that the campaign is completed when the track still hasn't reached the minimum guaranteed performance ?
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