Stefano Marchetti

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“Dipingi un sole se puoi, le stagioni, il mare, il vento e noi. Dammi una stella che non sia solo un satellite ma la stella mia. Dimmi che ancora esisterò anche se sono di latta i sogni che ho” - Renato Zero

My Story.

Creative and precise, methodical and imaginative; that’s why I undertook studies that could combine my dual face; I graduated in Business Administration and I continued my studies with the clear aim of joining my economic attitude with my greatest passion for the music world. From an early age, I was already interested in stories, souls and even the mechanisms that lie at the root of the entire music world: both promotional, packaging, originality, through customer loyalty up to the analysis of the different commercial strategies adopted. This has developed my ambition to be a figure who works in the realization and promotion of songs, artists and projects.

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