We’re on a
Space Odyssey

We proudly serve a diverse clientele made up of Artists, Managements, and Labels.

Ampligo for Labels

As a Label, you will acquire a loyal advisor. Together we will act strategically in order to enhance your internal plans of action and build up the impact of your releases, with a holistic, long-term vision.

Ampligo for Managements

As a Manager, you will acquire a trustworthy ally. Together we will increase the value of your artists’ releases and strengthen your roster, working with a long-term perspective.

Ampligo for Artists

As an Upcoming Artist, you will be able to reach new Audience and Engage with new potential Fans. Your Music will gain new traction. Together we will attract the exposure you deserve.

Campaign Strategies

You can use our Service at any point of your Track’s lifetime.


Start a Campaign prior to a Track’s release and hit the ground running.


Reach performance goals faster by amplifying your Track’s growth.


Revert a downward stream trend and recover a Track’s popularity.

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